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One of the Duo goals is to provide the Duo game without imposing the user interface. Duo is a fun fast paced game which demands quick responses. The interface proposed to the player must provide a real time impression, and never must stand between the player and quick action.

This document provides some guidelines to the ones who want to design new user interfaces. They can of course be discussed and improved.

Making a move

The user interface MUST provide the quickest access to the player cards given the interface capabilities. For graphic interfaces, this can of course be achieved using the pointer, but the following possibilities should be studied anyway.

  • keys [TODO]
  • keystrokes [TODO]
  • gestures [TODO]

Choosing a color

Choosing a color is necessary every time the player uses a wild card. But, if choosing a color in real life is possibly something very quick which can be achieved while putting the wild card on the heap, providing the color through a user interface can be time consuming.

There are many ways for a program such Duo to propagate the choice of the color:

  • Choosing a color while playing the card. This is the worst choice because it means overhead during the move.
  • Telling the color name after playing the card, once the move has been validated. Doing so ensures that the player can play as quick as he wants, and locks the game only when necessary. This way of doing would implies game protocol adaptation though, to ensure all players will behave like this.
  • Keeping a color choice throughout the whole game. The player can update his choice anytime during the game, after a draw for example, or while observing the others playing. When a wild card has to be played, this choice is automatically considered and propagated, which means the game is never locked. This way of doing offers more freedom to the user interface definitions and simplifies the game protocol, but it implies that the player sometimes has to react quickly.

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