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Version 0.9 (released on 18 January 2009)

This version relies on a heavily refactored code base. The release is intended to validate this new base before building new features on top of it.

  • DONE Close gameplay related bugs.
  • DONE Reach v0.8 features:
    • Solo game against one up to three AI players.
    • Tk user interface.
    • Game localization.
  • DONE Choose the behaviour of +2 and +4 cards for default rules.
This version will allow stacking penalty cards.
  • FIXED Check the behaviour of Reverse cards for two players games. (see bug 1690910 on Sourceforge)
  • DONE Improve Tk interface. (see the window's size related bugs on Sourceforge particularly)
  • DONE Check licenses and important files (README, AUTHORS, ...).
  • DEFERRED Check installation and status on MS Windows.
No one among the current developpers puts great interest in Win32 platforms. This task is available for motivated people.

Version 0.10 (released on October 2009, the 13th)

The main new features for the player here are configurable game rules. The development for this release shall also focus on the current lack of documentation and choose a model for the website.

  • DONE Define the release process (aka the useful checklist to release with pleasure) from earlier experience.
  • DONE Write down coding rules.
Mainly details around the PEP8.
Website now handles user documentation. The API is generated by epydoc from sources and developers documentation is stored on the wiki.
  • DONE Update the protocol to isolate rules in one place.
  • DONE Provide choice for game rules in Tk UI.
For now, the start dialog or the --ruleset command line argument gives the choice of existing rulesets.
  • DONE Write at least one alternative ruleset.
Duo proposes two rulesets, one of them being the default uno rules. Differences between these rulesets should grow when additional rules will be added to the default duo rules.
  • DONE Write user documentation.
  • DONE Update the website.
WordPress was updated to 2.7.1. It should remain the website engine since it just works and no one is interested in maintaining something else.

Version 0.11 (Being implemented)

This release brings some long due improvements on the Tk interface. Progress on the rules system is deferred to the next release because of the very few time available for working on the game.

  • Refine the release process (aka the useful checklist to release with pleasure).
  • Update the Tk UI to drop hard coded rules and rely only on available actions.
  • Add keystrokes in the Tk UI for menu items, and to choose the color.
  • Make the UI frame resizeable.
  • Add a status bar (or a multi-line zone) to the Tk UI to provide feedback to the user.
  • Add a setting for points limit, and handle correctly the end of the game according to this.
  • Return the remaining cards at the end of the game.
  • Complete the Tk UI to provide a way to choose the opponents (among existing AI)
  • Complete the Tk UI Help menu to open a browser on the duo help pages and on the local license file.
For the sake of simplicity, the About... window actually opens the official GPLv2 page. The license is however always distributed with the sources.
  • Update user and developper documentation.

Version 0.12

This release should consolidate the new protocol and improve the ruleset system. Tests and documentation should be heavily polished.

  • Complete the rules system to introduce optional rules, mandatory rules, mandatory actions.
  • Complete the Tk UI start dialog to tweak the chosen ruleset.
  • Update user documentation.
  • Add some unit tests on the core parts (specially on game and referee module).

Features and actions not planned yet.

  • Write more artificial players.
  • Write a new transport layer to introduce multiplayer games.
A version of this layer already exists and need some love..
  • Write some preferences dialog to provide the cards design choice to the least.
To begin with, retrieve the secondary set of cards from legacy code.

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