Duo 0.9 is out!

The developers team is pleased to announce Duo 0.9. This version finally brings a heavy refactored code base which aims at being a solid foundation for future developments, and few changes for the user. The program still presents the main 0.8 version features:

  • Solo game against one up to three AI players.
  • Tk user interface.
  • Game localization (the localization is now handled using Rosetta on Launchpad, so you can contribute anytime).

The most important changes for the user are:

  • A slightly redesigned window which tries to address some old problems raised on Sourceforge bug tracker.
  • The penalty cards can be stacked (and the AI will do this!).

Also note that no one among the current developpers puts great interest in Win32 platforms (or even owns such a platform). Maintenance of the Win32 installer is available for motivated people.

You can download Duo 0.9 from TuxFamily.org or from Launchpad.

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