What is Duo?

Did you ever played to the Crazy Eights or to the Uno when you were a child – or not?

Duo allows you to play against 1, 2 or 3 players controlled by the computer. It follows nearly all the rules of the well known game. Learning curve is inexistant: you only need to click on a card to play it, or on the deck to draw one or more cards. You can choose the number of players as well as the number of cards at the beginning of the game.


Duo was written by Camille Roux back in 2003 so as to learn the Python language. At the beginning of 2007, the game had already been downloaded more than 32 000 times approximately 90 time a day).

In 2005, David Soulayrol, who already had tried to write a networked Uno game but had stopped before he has written a nice graphical interface, remarked the game. He then began to slowly review the whole code so as to introduce networking, multiplication of artificial intelligences, or the choice of the interface.

By 2008, with Camille’s agreement, the development of the project moved to Launchpad.


Duo is a free (as in freedom) software, written in Python.