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It’s been a year since no news was written here, and even a longer time since the latest release. Time has come to rush 0.11 which will bring many interface improvements. We are now testing  it, you should too. Please help us to spot the more bugs we can find.

An installer for MS Windows

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Eunhyeon has worked on the MS Windows packaging script and has produced a functional installer for Duo 0.9 and 0.10, despite some problems in the existing code. The programs are available in the download area. Remember that any help in this area (or any other) is always welcome.

Get Duo 0.10

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Duo 0.10 made its way to the download area today. This version builds on the great work done previously and offers the following new features.

  • A better drawing handler for the cards display.
  • A new seamless way to select the color, without a pop-up.
  • A better naming for computer controlled players.
  • A reworked back-end to write rules more easily.
  • An alternate Uno-like rule-set.

Please download it, test it, translate it. Note that a Win32 binary can be generated to ease installation on Windows systems if someone is interested in maintaining this.

A step beyond 0.9

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Today we merged in the trunk a major update of the game protocol that will help us to isolate the game rules and so to provide a configurable set of rules.

In other news, the translations were updated once more (many thanks to all contributors), which gives us thirteen complete translations out of twenty seven. A branch dedicated to UI improvements has been actively worked on too, and it is now time to give all this work a good review and to test it thoroughly.

Please give all this a try and report all the bugs you can find.

Duo 0.9 is out!

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The developers team is pleased to announce Duo 0.9. This version finally brings a heavy refactored code base which aims at being a solid foundation for future developments, and few changes for the user. The program still presents the main 0.8 version features:

  • Solo game against one up to three AI players.
  • Tk user interface.
  • Game localization (the localization is now handled using Rosetta on Launchpad, so you can contribute anytime).

The most important changes for the user are:

  • A slightly redesigned window which tries to address some old problems raised on Sourceforge bug tracker.
  • The penalty cards can be stacked (and the AI will do this!).

Also note that no one among the current developpers puts great interest in Win32 platforms (or even owns such a platform). Maintenance of the Win32 installer is available for motivated people.

You can download Duo 0.9 from or from Launchpad.

Stay tuned for upcoming 0.9

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After much work on the code to provide a nice platform for future developments, Duo is now nearly considered stable again. The new platform will be a support for future developements, some of them being already studied like the game rules customization or a new console based user interface.

The goal of the next release is only to provide the features of the 0.8 version though, with some bugfixes and UI tweaks. You will find more details on the roadmap.

You can get test the most recent version on the Bazaar repository.


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Duo has been translated into several languages for a long time. We think this feature is important in Duo’s success.

Now that Duo’s code has been revamped, some effort needs to be put in updating the translations, and why not introduce new ones. To allow everyone to help in this task, we have uploaded the Duo texts onto Rosetta on Launchpad. You can access Rosetta using the translation link on the sidebar.

A full hebrew translation is already available!


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No, Duo is not dead. The project gets some new attention with the publication of new code, the update of the site at TuxFamily, and the use of Launchpad.

Launchpad provides us the management of code branches with Bazaar, bug tracking, a translation tool, and features tracking.

Testers, developers, designers and enthusiastic players are welcome!